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How do I change My SharePoint Logo

You can upload your SharePoint Site Logo here:

VIA your SharePoint site

Click on the Quick Launch bar on your home page, click on the word “Documents”.

Click on the list toolbar for the document library, click “Create Document Library”.

Click on Document Library Graphic.

Click on the “New Document Library” page, enter a name such as “siteimages”.

In the “Navigation” section, change “…Display Document on Quick Launch. . .” to “No”.

Click on “Create” button. Check the browser address field and make a note of the URL needed to access the new library (the “/Forms/AllItems.aspx” suffix does not need to be noted).

Click on “Upload Document”.

Click on Browse and locate the graphic you want to use, click “open” then “Save and Close”.

Click on browser “back” button and return to home page.

You can then update your SharePoint Site with your Logo:

VIA your SharePoint site

Click Site Actions

Click Site Settings

Click Title, description, and icon

URL:e.g. http://yourSharePointSite.yourdomain.com/siteimages/companylogo.gif

Where "yourSharePointSite.yourdomain.com" is your SharePoint URL and "companylogo" is the name of the file sent.

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