Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • Choose your operating system FreeBSD, Linux or Windows
  • Free Domain
  • Host Multiple Domains
  • Unlimited POP/FTP/Telnet Accounts
  • Apache + PHP4/PHP5
  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated Server Resources

IBSPoint Virtual Dedicated Servers

FreeBSD Virtual Dedicated Servers

START FROM AS $21.88/month

  • Free Domain For Life
  • Multi-Level Control panel
  • Unmetered data transfer (Subject to AUP)
  • Unlimited POP/FTP/Telnet Accounts
  • Apache + PHP4/PHP5

IBSPoint Virtual Dedicated (VDS) Servers utilize the highly secure and reliable FreeBSD operating system, which also features Linux compatibility which allows over 90% of Linux software to be run on our servers.

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Linux Virtual Dedicated Servers

START FROM AS $29.95/month

  • Free Domain For Life
  • Host Multiple Domains
  • Software Package Library
  • Urchin Web Analytics
  • Root Access
  • Software Package Library

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Windows Virtual Dedicated Servers

START FROM AS $68.00/month

  • Free Domain For Life
  • Dual XEON 3.0 GHz Processor
  • Host Multiple Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Script Library
  • MS SQL Server 2005
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What is an IBSPoint VDS Server:

An IBSPoint Virtual Dedicated (VDS) Server is the most innovative, complete and fully-featured Virtual Server available anywhere on the Internet. Unlike other providers who offer you low-grade virtual hosts or “virtual servers” which have only limited features and capabilities.

Our servers give you access to the complete range of virtual services including FULL ROOT ACCESS to a complete FreeBSD server system with your own dedicated telnet, web, ftp and email servers, full access to all server configuration files, support for unlimited virtual hosts/domains, unlimited POP/FTP/TELNET/SSH accounts, and even your own Virtual DNS Servers (NS1&

IBSpoint is one of only a few providers who are able to offer genuine Virtual Dedicated (VDS) Server systems as most other providers do not have the technical expertise or resources to develop and maintain their own systems of this type and as a result have to resort to offering inferior configurations via the use of one of the various available “control panel” software packages such as “Plesk” or “Cpanel”.

Unlike the servers offered by other hosting providers all of the servers offered by IBSPoint are a “semi-managed” service whereby our technical support, programming and software development departments handle the <upgrades of all of the core operating> system software such as Apache/PHP, MySQL, Sendmail etc at no extra charge as part of the service. These software and operating system upgrades and necessary security fixes and patches are <carried out on a regular basis>.

Full daily backups and multi-level backup archiving

of all of the data on all of our client servers is also included as part of the service at no additional charge.

Virtual Server Resellers, Web Designers and Web Hosting Providers who already have a virtual server with another provider are encouraged to upgrade to a IBSPoint Virtual/VDS Server and enjoy lower monthly rates and access to advanced features and services such as fully-controllable Virtual DNS Servers and Multi-User Virtual Telnet which allows you to set up UNLIMITED Telnet/SSH accounts for your users.

IBSPoint technical support department can provide assistance with relocating your client base smoothly, seamlessly and without downtime to their new Virtual Dedicated Server IBSVDS, or <IBSRack Dedicated Server>. For more information contact

Our FreeBSD Virtual Servers are the best in the industry for Virtual Dedicated Servers. If you are looking for traditional Linux or Windows based Virtual Servers, IBSPoint gives you the choice for both other options

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