IBSinteremail Features

Cloud Based Email Marketing System Features

  • Email Template Builder & Email Template Gallery
  • Campaign Manager
  • List Manager
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Website Integration
  • Automated Bounce and Spam Complaint Management

The Cloud Based Email Marketing System makes it easy to create and manage professional Email Marketing Campaigns.

Promoting your products or services by using Email Marketing is a highly efficient form of direct marketing. By using email you can communicate with your target audience more quickly and cost effectively than almost any other medium. The Direct Marketing Association has reported that email remains the highest performing marketing channel, returning $40.56 for every $1 spent.

The Cloud Based Email Marketing System offers several ways of creating and managing successful Email Marketing Campaigns, all from within an easy to use wizard like interface. By using the powerful features available on the system you can create, send and track Email Marketing Campaigns with ease.

How it works for you:

Create an Email

Create and Send Email Campaigns

This section will cover the different methods of creating campaigns and the advanced features involved in campaign creation process.

The system offers several ways of creating new Email Marketing Campaigns with an easy to use wizard like interface. It also allows you to schedule your campaigns to be delivered to the subscribers once or at multiple intervals and specified times in the future.


Manage Lists and Subscribers

The system provides a sophisticated subscriber management interface. This gives you the ability to manage your subscribers easily and effectively. You can import subscribers by several methods such as copy/paste, file upload or external MySQL databases.

In this section we can import subscribers using different methods, browse the subscribers, delete them and export the subscriber database.

Campaign Automation

The system incorporates comprehensive Campaign Automation features to simplify your email marketing and sending related processes. You can set up any number of custom auto responders and schedule these to be sent after a user subscribes along with additional followup messages at timed intervals (24 hours, one week etc). These automated mailings can be targeted according to certain demographics or subscriber demographics and other details, allowing you to send birthday emails, contract renewals, loyalty campaigns and much more. All campaigns and other mailings can be scheduled to be sent at any time, date or interval required, such as daily, weekly, monthly or on a specific day of the week, month or year.


Reports and Statistics

It is important to keep track of the Email Marketing Campaigns that you carry out and their associated performance. The system provides access to a range of detailed statistical data analysis functions.

The system will help you to gather and analyze valuable information about the campaigns open ratio’s, link click ratio’s, subscriptions, unsubscriptions, forwards, bounce tracking etc.

This data will allow you to make critical decisions related to your email campaigns and overall Email Marketing strategy.

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