Malware Scanning

Protect your website from distributing hidden malware

Millions of breached websites are used as a vehicle to distribute malware. If this happens to your website expect extensive damage to your reputation and your search engine traffic to fall when your website is blacklisted.

If your website is being used to distribute malware, getting an early alert is crucial.

Every day thousands of websites are hacked and used as vehicles to distribute malware to the website visitors. Such malware is developed to compromise PCs and spread viruses, hijack computers or steal personal information.

Unless remedied quickly, an infected website will quickly be flagged or blacklisted by Google for hosting malicious content, and expect traffic to your site to drop significantly when potential customers see worrying warnings about your website potentially harming their computers.

HackAlert acts as an early warning system against zero-day attacks. By passively monitoring your website and identifying breaches quickly – giving your website administration staff time to remove malicious code before too much damage is caused.

Malware Monitoring Plans

Small Business Plans


20 Page Monitored

Daily Monitored


50 Page Monitored

Daily Monitored

Corporate Plans


100 Page Monitored
Daily Monitored
User Interface

200 Page Monitored
Daily Monitored
User Interface

Enterprise Plans


500 Page Monitored
Daily Monitored
User Interface


1000 Page Monitored
Daily Monitored
User Interface

Malware Scanning v Malware Monitoring

GlobalSign’s HackAlert is not intrusive, it is passive with zero day definition monitoring. it does not “scan” your customers sites, it is a special sandboxed browser that visits the site and it clicks on the page links just like a user would do. If the HackAlert browser is infected with Malware then this will trigger a notification to the host or to the site admin. Again, if thousands of sites are “Monitored” then this has no more load or impact then a customer visiting the site.

HackAlert is 100% effective compared to virus definition scanning which is 30% efficient (because the definitions can be out of date as soon as they are found and new definitions may take weeks to find). Malware Scanners use known Blacklists to update its database just like Google do but that is useless compared to HackAlert because if you’re using a Blacklist then your site has already had Malware detected, Google and other search engines have already blacklisted the site.

Risk associated with distributing hidden malware

  • Your website will be blacklisted by Google
  • Your customers and visitors will become infected
  • Personal data will be stolen from your customers
  • Your brand reputation will be comprised
  • Website traffic will drastically decrease

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