SafePoint Firewall Product Description

Eliminate 98% of Spam before it gets to your mail server

Spam and viruses are of the biggest problems on the Internet these days. Networks, mail servers and user inboxes are being overwhelmed by the ever rising flood of Spam, Viruses, Phishing Scams and other unwanted email, which some estimates now place at being between 70-90% of all email received.

This constant flood of Spam and viruses not only clogs networks and adversely impacts user inboxes, but also drains valuable resources such as bandwidth and storage capacity and interferes with the expedient delivery of legitimate emails. The administration costs of dealing with the flood of Spam and other unwanted email are estimated to be as much as $800 per mailbox per year, resulting in a total cost of billions of dollars per year in lost productivity.

The SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall is a hosted email gateway appliance incorporating a comprehensive Spam and Virus filtering solution that ensures all email arriving at your mail server and network is Spam and Virus free.

Positioned "in front" of your existing email server, the SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall system provides an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection at the "network perimeter" level, before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server.

The SafePoint is able to immediately start working to block and filter up to 98% of all Spam/UCE (“unsolicited commercial email”) and Virus infected emails using it’s default "out of the box" settings alone.

The SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall system is ideal for ISP’s, Web Hosting Providers, SME’s, Corporate Systems Administrators and IT Departments who are looking for an "off the shelf" solution and wanting to minimize in-house development and maintenance as much as possible while reducing the load on mail servers and networks, as well as realizing savings on bandwidth, administrative and support costs.

Unlike other anti-spam solutions, the SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall reduces the load placed on your existing email server by off-loading the task of both Spam and Virus processing and filtering, effectively reducing the volume of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email reaching your email server by up to 98%.

The SafePoint system is a complete "out of the box" solution that is very easy to implement and delivers a number of advantages over installing, configuring and maintaining anti-spam and anti-virus software on your own mail server.

The SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall system is compatible with all mail servers and email clients. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain, no software to install and configure, and no per-domain, per-user, or per-mailbox fees or other license fees or charges to pay.

There are four different SafePoint models available, with email handling capacities ranging from a few hundred messages per day up to 30 million messages per day.

You can be up and running within a few hours and seeing an immediate reduction of up to 98% or more of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email being delivered to your email servers and email account users, as well as realizing savings on bandwidth, administrative and support costs.

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