Malware Scanning
Protect your website from distributing hidden malware

  • Identifies Hidden Threats Quickly
  • Cloud Based Non-Intrusive Detection
  • Immediate Notification

Malware Scanning Features

HackAlert Features

Identifies Hidden Threats Quickly

Identifies drive-by downloads and zero-day malware threats hidden in websites and online advertisements (malvertizing).

Optimized static and behavioral analysis to detect malware drive-by downloads targeting end-users before the website is flagged by search engines as malicious.

Cloud Based Non-Intrusive Detection

No appliances needed. No software installs on your webserver – 100% SaaS web service.

Deploys globally distributed analysis engine agents for non-intrusive 24×7 x 365 breach monitoring. No different than a browser hitting your website, so no slow down in your web performance.

Immediate Notification

Real time alerts with injected code snippets displayed to facilitate immediate malware removal and code-level remediation.

How HackAlert Works

Protecting your customers from malware

HackAlert helps website owners protect their site from malware by crawling and actively analyzing the content on each webpage for signs of comprise.

HackAlert uses numerous techniques to ensure malicious code is identified quickly and even the newest and most advanced malware distribution techniques are identified.

As a Cloud-based malware detection service, HackAlert is delivered as a web service – so no appliances to install or software to download. Users are immediately notified if their site is infected.

Risk associated with distributing hidden malware

  • Your website will be blacklisted by Google
  • Your customers and visitors will become infected
  • Personal data will be stolen from your customers
  • Your brand reputation will be comprised
  • Website traffic will drastically decrease

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