Exchange 2010 Hosting

START FROM under AS $13 per Mbox/mo
  • A Reliable Email Solution
  • Email Insurance – No Lost Messages.
  • 99.999% Availability – Guaranteed!
  • Collaboration – Share Calendars, Contacts & More
  • Ability to Work Anywhere, Anytime.

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange 2010 delivers always available email and collaboration tools that maximize productivity and save you time and money. You can leverage this Fortune 50 infrastructure and benefits without the up-front capital expense, regardless of the size of your business or how much IT expertise you have in-house.

We augment your IT team by handle the licensing, patching, server and network management and complete monitoring for Exchange. This keeps them on track to focus on more strategic initiatives. We also include a variety of free features with every 25 GB plan, where other providers may charge up to $400 a year these services.

25GB Mbox Plans
From $7.00
  • 25GB mailbox size per user
  • Up to 1GB attachment size
Unlimited Mbox Plans
From $10.00
  • Unlimited mailbox size per user
  • 50MB attachment size

Exchange Features

  • Plenty of Mailbox Storage

    in 25GB and Unlimited options for users who send and receive large files or lots of email.

  • Access to Email Anywhere, Anytime

    from your desktop, browser or mobile device.

  • Automatically Sync Email with Your Smart Phone and iPhone
    included free, or add Blackberry mobile messaging.
  • Share Address Books, Calendars & Assign Tasks
    with users anywhere in the company.
  • Share Documents, Presentations and more
    when you add SharePoint intranet service.
  • Free License for Outlook 2010 or Entourage 2008
    gives you a professional email client to manage your mail on Windows or Office for Mac – Save $60 or more per seat.

Bonus with 25GB Plans

Bonus Features Bundled Exclusively with 25 GB Plans:

  • Message Mirror™
    Monitor and organize messages for compliance with company email policies. This solution creates a copy of every email message – incoming and outgoing- in a separate folder so you can refer to it when needed.
  • Compliant Email Archiving
    A copy of all messages are Transmitted, Stored Off-site and Backed Up with the Highest Levels of Security.
  • Company Disclaimer
    Impose company-wide email policies like a legal disclaimer or signature for all email that your staff sends outside of the organization. These disclaimers cannot be edited or removed by the user.
  • DirectoryLink Active Directory Synchronization

    You can constantly synchronize on-premise Active Directory user data with our Hosted Exchange Active Directory using DirectoryLink. Keep the same contact info, password and other user-related information. Simply import it to our Exchange infrastructure.

Advanced Control

Advanced Control Features provided with 25 GB plans give you more flexibility and extensive options for managing your account.

  • Mail Retention Policy – Control the mailbox size and set limits for how big it can be.
  • Mobility Policy Management – Apply and manage BlackBerry and ActiveSync policies.
  • Server Site Selection – Host your mailboxes in our East Coast or West Coast data centers – or split them.
  • Manage Email from a Browser with Outlook Web App (OWA) Features
  • Group Messages from a Single Conversation Together then manage them with Conversation View.
  • Use OWA in Multiple Browsers – Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, and Safari 3+.

  • View All Messages on a Single Page regardless of the size of the folder.
  • Address Email Faster with Nickname Cache that provides suggestions as a new address is typed.
  • Use Advanced Search Queries or Apply Filters from a convenient drop down menu.
  • View Shared Calendar and Contacts to check schedules and availability of users.

Why Host Microsoft Exchange 2010 with

IBSPoint offers the latest version of hosted Exchange – Exchange 2010. Users of older versions of Exchange as well as POP email users will benefit from the enhanced features of Exchange 2010. Some of the reasons why it outperforms the previous:

  • Full browser support for a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer and Safari
  • Improved site resiliency with database replication
  • Larger mailbox options – up to 25GB of storage
  • Enhanced features of OWA 2010 with conversation style messaging

Because your business relies on email as one of the most important means of communication, you want to choose a provider that can offer industry-leading data protection and the most secure infrastructure available.

Reliability and Up time

At We offer a 99.999 percent uptime service level agreement: Our multi-million dollar infrastructure includes datacenters featuring Dell, EMC and Cisco hardware and multiple connections to Tier-1 Internet providers – assuring high availability and the fastest round trip for your email. This Fortune 50 infrastructure is finally available to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Strict Security and Compliance

IBSPoint adheres to the industry’s strictest regulations for security and compliance.

  • Backed by a SAS 70 Type II audited location:
    SAS 70 is an auditing statement issued by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), officially titled “Reports on the Processing of Transactions by Service Organizations.” SAS 70 defines the professional standards used by a service auditor to assess the internal controls of a service organization and issue a service auditor’s report.

Add-on Features

We offer a complete range of add-on features including hosted BlackBerry?services and ActiveSync for Windows mobile devices so you can instantly activate email service for your handheld. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on your own server, you can use our managed service for just a few dollars a month.

You can also add SharePoint 2010 for document collaboration; and file sharing and archiving – from simple message journaling to keep
an exact copy of all your message, to compliant archiving, which fulfils regulatory requirements from the main US regulations-HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, SEC, FINRA and FRCP as well as other state/federal requirements.

Low Cost Exchange Hosting

There are significant upfront and ongoing costs to implement Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. IBSPoint, a leading provider of Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and SaaS products has already invested in the required infrastructure and achieved economies of scale. Microsoft Exchange server from IBSPoint offers significantly lower costs than an in-house server. Further, when comparing hosted Exchange online plans with competitors, check if their plans include free ActiveSync, SharePoint, and 24/7 support. You will find that IBSPoint? hosted exchange pricing is among the best in the industry.

Very Convenient

IBSPoint? Microsoft Exchange hosting Plans offer the convenience of pay-as-you-go model with month to month billing, no setup fee and no long term contracts. Sign up today, and within minutes, start managing your business Exchange hosting account through a user-friendly web-based interface. You have choices of plans with storage space options for mail boxes, and you may modify Exchange online plans anytime through your account.

You have the option to keep your existing domain provider or purchase a new domain from IBSPoint. Through the split domain option, some users can be on the hosted Exchange platform, while others may stay on regular POP3 mail accounts.

Whether you are moving from an in-house Exchange or Lotus Notes mail server, an existing Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, or upgrading from POP3 or IMAP accounts, IBSPoint? experienced team is there to help you in migrating to our hosted Exchange online services.

PC or Mac

Many Exchange hosting companies do not offer both Outlook (for PC) and Entourage (for Mac) support. We offer both, so your staff can use either PCs or Macs. We also offer free Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2010 – which works on all major web browsers – allowing your users the ability to access their email online from anywhere.

More and more SMBs are making the switch to hosted Exchange. Lower costs, better security and the ability to re-deploy IT staff for other projects and initiatives are attractive advantages of the Software-as-a-Service model. When you’re ready to evaluate your options, call to speak with a representative about how your business can benefit.

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