Email Address/Domain Whitelists

The “Email Address Whitelists” screen is where you can configure your SafePoint system to accept and pass without any additional Spam/Virus processing email messages from any given email address or domain.

A “whitelisted” email address or domain is an address or domain from which email is always accepted regardless of how it scores with respect to Spam/UCE or other undesirable content.

To configure your SafePoint system to “whitelist” and accept email from a given email address or domain simply add the email address or domain under the “Enter Email Address/Domain” section and select the “add” button.

The whitelisted email addresses will appear on the screen below under the “Whitelisted Email Addresses/Domains” section where they can be deleted if necessary by selecting the “delete” button next to the email address you wish to delete. Additions to the system whitelist require a system restart so it may take a few seconds for the screen to reload.

You should be careful to ensure that you really want to remove a given email address from the system blacklist as once you select “delete” it will be deleted immediately and if you didn’t actually want to delete a given email address you will have to re-add it again.

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