IP / Domain Blacklists

The “IP/Domain Blacklists” screen is where you can configure your SafePoint system to reject email from any given IP address or domain.

To reject email from any given IP address or domain simply add the IP address or domain under the “Add IP/Domain” section and select the “add” button.

The blacklisted IP addresses and domains will appear on the screen below under the relevant “BLOCKED Sender IP Address” and “BLOCKED Sender IP Domain” sections where they can be deleted if necessary by selecting the “delete” button next to the IP address or domain you wish to delete.

You should be careful to ensure that you really want to remove a given IP or domain from the system blacklist as once you select “delete” it will be deleted immediately and if you didn’t actually want to delete a given IP address or domain you will need to re-add it again.

The “Mail Server Response” section is for specifying a URL, email address or message which the blacklisted sender will receive as a response if their IP address or domain is contained in the local blacklist of your SafePoint system.

The default response for this is “Blocked – See http://SafePoint.yourname.com/bl/bl.htm” which will refer the blacklisted sender to a web page hosted on your SafePoint system.

This page will explain to the user that their IP address or domain may be contained in the local blacklist on your SafePoint system and they can choose to contact you to have their IP Address or domain removed from the blacklist at your discretion.

Any request submitted via this form will be forwarded to the administrative email address associated with your SafePoint system.

Alternatively, you can choose to send another message of your choice to the blacklisted senders, which can either be something like “You are blacklisted – contact us at name@yourdomain.com for removal” or “Blacklisted, access denied” or something of this nature.

You can also choose to leave this section entirely blank if you do not wish to send any particular message to blacklisted senders and the SafePoint system will output a default “Sender domain/host rejected” response with no additional message.

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