User Management

The “User Management” screen on the SafePoint system control panel allows you to manage any other user accounts you may decide to add for access to the system in addition to the main “admin” user account.

There are two levels of access to the system, these being “ADMIN” and “USER” access. An “admin” user account will have access to all of the same features and capabilities that the main administrative (“admin”) user of the SafePoint system has. The “user” access accounts will have login access to the system but only limited access to the various features and capabilities available on the system.

In order to view and/or modify any additional user accounts you may have added to the system you can use the “Next page/User List” link at the bottom of the User Management screen to access the current system user list.

When presented with the User List screen you will need to either enter a user name to search for or otherwise if you wish to list all system users leave the “Search” box blank and click on the “Search” button to output a list of all system users.

Any system user can then be selected from the list and the “View and Modify User Settings” screen will be displayed allowing you to modify various information associated with the user account selected.

Unless you have the need for more than one administrator to have access to your SafePoint system it is recommended for maximum safety and security that only the one “admin” user account be maintained on the system.

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