Using the SafePoint Anti-Spam Firewall

Once your SafePoint system has been set up, the only changes that need to be made to your existing email related configuration are to the MX record(s) associated your domain.

This will allow the SafePoint to be positioned “in front” of your existing email server so that it will be able to immediately start working to block and filter up to 98% of all Spam and Virus infected emails using it’s default “out of the box” settings alone.

The term “MX record” stands for “mail exchange record”. These records are contained in the domain “zone file” for your domain on the DNS server or servers which provide DNS service for the domain.

The MX records will only require a simple modification in order to route all incoming email traffic through your SafePoint system for scanning and processing before being sent on to your regular mail server. Your existing mail server then does the delivery of the cleaned or “sanitized” email as usual.

For specific information on how to modify an MX record to direct email to your SafePoint system consult the appropriate section of the SafePoint Operations Manual.

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