Setting up Autoresponders

If you are responding to the same type of email on a daily basis or if you would like to add an automatic response to emails sent to a specific domain address, you can accomplish such tasks using the “autoresponder”. Let’s say you wanted to send information about your services to anyone that sends email to,

The autoresponder feature on your IBSRack will automatically send a response to these incoming emails. If the recipient wishes to reply to an auto-response, his/her email will be forwarded to another address specified by you.

To use the autoresponder functionality (located in the “Email Manager” screen) simply select the “Autoresponder” check box associated with the email alias which you would like to set up an autoresponder for and you will then be able to select the “Edit” icon next to the check box to specify or edit the content of your autoresponse message.

The variable [[SUBJECT]], when used on the subject line, will be replaced with the original subject.

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