The DNS Manager

Dedicated primary and secondary DNS Servers are available as a standard installation on the IBSRack servers. The IBSRack DNS servers are completely dedicated and fully-functional primary and secondary DNS servers. Having your own DNS Servers gives you the ability to register and provide DNS service for domains using your own name servers ( /

With your IBSRack DNS System you have complete control over your own DNS, including the ability to carry out immediate updates to your own zone files, the freedom to add sub-domains and the ability to repoint your domains in an instant with only a few simple commands. The IBSRack DNS Servers not only support .com, .net and .org names but most other worldwide domains such as .info, .biz, .au, .uk, .nz, .de, .br, .es, .fr, etc.

The DNS Manager is used to manage your dedicated domain name server (DNS). During the setup of the system the primary domain (hostname) attached to your server has already been set up in your DNS. To set up a new domain you simply enter the domain name in the “Create/Add New Domain” text box. The preset IP number is the main IP of your server. After clicking “Create”, the new domain zone will be created and the nameserver will be restarted. The DNS Manager is able to handle multiple domain names in the “Create / Add new Domain” input line to setup multiple domains on the same IP with one step.

The “Modify Domain” option allows you to create and manage subdomains. In addition, the domain record (zone file) can be edited directly to allow for more complicated settings like modifying MX records and TTL values.

The DNS servers on your IBSRack can be used to provide service for and map domains to either your IBSRack or to any other IP address or server anywhere on the Internet. To set up domains to map to another off-site IP address simply select “Edit IP Pool” in the DNS Manager and add the IP address(es) of the server or servers you would like to map your domains to and these will then be available for selection in the main DNS Manager screen.

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