Using Customized Error Messages

As with every technical system, errors occur in the WWW as well. Here are the most common errors you will see:

400 – Bad Request

401 – Authorization Required

403 – Forbidden

404 – File Not Found

500 – Internal Server Error

For the most common “404 – File Not Found”, the following screen will be displayed:

Error 404

File Not Found

The object requested could not be found on the server.

File Not Found: /abcdefg.htm

Please check your request for typing errors and retry.

If the standard messages do not fit your needs, you can create your own error messages.

Simply create a sub-directory named /errors in your home directory (/usr/home/ to serve as the location for your new error messages.

Error documents have no “html” type extension. E.g. your own 404 error document would have the complete path /errors/404. ( /usr/home/ in the IBSRack context.)

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