LogAn – The Web Site Log File Analyzer

LogAn is an advanced web server log analysis and statistics program available for both in both the main server administrator and virtual sub-hosting site user control panels. It is designed to scan web server log files and produce comprehensive and attractively organized web server usage statistics in HTML format for viewing through a browser.

The main screen contains some overall statistics about the data being analyzed, the most important being the number of requests (“Total Hits”, the total number of files downloaded, including graphics), the number of requests for pages (“Page Hits”, just counting the various pages on your site), the amount of data transferred in MB (“MB Transferred”) and the number of distinct hosts (“Clients”, the number of different computers requests have come from).

The monthly summery shows Daily Hits, Files, Platforms, Browsers, References (Referers), Keywords, Total Hits, Page Hits, Downloads, Transferred Volume and Response Codes.

One of the most advanced feature of LogAn is the detailed report, showing each visiting client with all Page Hits, Referer and search engine Keywords. The detailed report is available for each month and the current day.

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