Special Features and add-on software

Linux Binary Compatibility
Installing Linux binary compatibility an easy task on the IBSVDS system. This will allow IBSVDS users to install and run about 90% of all Linux applications without modification.
More information on Linux binary compatibility is available at the following URL:


Typing “linux” on the virtual server will start the installation of the Linux base distribution.
After the base distribution is installed the Linux install script asks if the development package should be installed as well.
PLEASE NOTE that you are advised not to install the Linux binary compatibility unless you intend to actually use it as it will take up disk space and server resources on your server.

Back-End Integration and IBSVDS Management Tools

There are three new command line system management tools available for those who would like to integrate various client and account management features into your own “back end” client management systems and scripts or third party billing and client management programs such as ModernBill.

Click here for complete information on the System Integration & Management Tools.

A more information on new features and services which will be made available on the IBSVDS system check the Operating system updates and changelog page regularly.

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